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The Japan Academy for Health Behavioral Science will host the 6th International Conference of Health Behavioral Science, Sustainable Health Promotion: Dialogue on Well-being & Human Security in Environmental Health, which will be held September 18th-21st, 2010 at the Centre for Civilisational Dialogue (CCD) at the University of Malaya, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The Conference will include keynote speeches, invited speeches, oral presentations, poster presentations, a symposium, workshops, a visit to a hospital taking care of HIV/AIDS patients, and an optional post-conference tour to an aborigine village for health behavioral research.

Since our Academy was established in 1986, we have hosted five series of international conferences. A quick review of past themes shows an interesting trend. The 1st International Conference, A Transcultrual Discussion, was held in August 1988 at the Pacific Beach Hotel in Honolulu, Hawaii. The 2nd Conference, The Health Care Systems, How Should It Be in the 21st Century?, was held in September 1991 at Sophia University in Tokyo. The 3rd Conference, Crisis Behavior toward Growth and Solidarity, was held in September 1996, also at Sophia University in Tokyo. The 4th Conference, Integrated Approaches to Health, was held in August 2002, at Konan University in Kobe, and the 5th Conference, Education on Health and Environment, was held in August 2006 at Phranakhon Rajabhat University in Bangkok.

Nowadays, global climate change, which is linked with environmental health, is causing serious problems. In order to solve these problems the concept of ‘sustainability’ has become increasingly more important as a common framework for environment and health in all areas of academic/scientific study. This concept is proposed by the World Commission for Environment and Development, and furthermore in the report, “Our Common Future” issued by the United Nations in 1987. “Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”

“The concept of sustainability encompasses not only environment but also poverty, population, health, food security, democracy, human rights and peace. Sustainability is, in the final analysis, a moral and ethical imperative in which cultural diversity and traditional knowledge need to be respected.”(The Declaration of Thessaloniki, 1997)

Environmental health sustains well-being of life through health promotion. At the same time, sustainability should be based on a sound environment for the promotion of well-being and human security. Accordingly, this time we have chosen to make the theme of the conference Sustainable Health Promotion: Dialogue on Well-being & Human Security in Environmental Health.

In order to fully examine each of these components, we will take a ‘glocal’ interdisciplinary approach. This will involve looking at the world both at the global and regional level. In doing this we will initiate a dialogue drawing on all branches of science, and thereby integrate the diverse discussions of health behavioral science into a common framework for environmental health. In addition to this, we are also aware of the need to incorporate bioethics in so far as it relates to all cultures, both religious and secular, that place an emphasis on well-being and human security.

Our goals are to promote sustainable health and continue the dialogue on well-being and human security via environmental health from a “glocal” (i.e. global and local) perspective, to encourage a deeper level of international exchange.

We would like to advance health behavioral science for the goal of a sustainable health promotion.




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